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Chicago wine storage

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Chicago Wine Storage with Strongbox

The Strongbox Wine Cellar, a self-storage company, offers two Chicago wine storage locations. Our wine storage cellars are secured places for people to store their personal vintage collections without taking up space in their own homes, places maintained at the proper temperatures and humidity for aging wine properly. With twenty years in business providing Chicago wine storage for individuals, restaurants, wine clubs and investors, we have developed a reputation beyond our little corner of the world, gaining customers from fifteen states as well as several foreign countries. For premier wine bottle storage, contact us today. For some helpful thoughts, please feel free to browse our info page, and read through the site to decide if we're right for you.

Wine Lovers, take heart…

There's a more scientific and civilized way to store and even age your finest vintage wines than stashing them in the basement or back of the refrigerator and hoping for the best. Our storage units are controlled for temperature, humidity, vibration, and ultraviolet light, which creates the ideal conditions for storing wine.

We currently serve over 700 wine storage customers from 35 cities in the Chicagoland area, 15 states, and seven countries. Store your wines with us, and join the thousands of businesses and individuals that have discovered the best kept secret in the wine industry for the past 20 years.

The Strongbox Wine Cellar is owned and managed by Loft Development Corporation. Since 1981, Loft has provided outstanding customer service to its Strongbox Self Storage customers and just six years later to its Wine Cellar patrons.

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